Anyone who has ever been immobilized or needed help to do the simplest everyday tasks understands how extremely important it is to have the body’s mobility preserved. 

As time goes by, due to aging, accidents, diseases, or even excesses, we slowly - sometimes imperceptibly – lose the range of our movements. It happens to all of us, without exception. Stopping or slowing these processes is part of what we do at our studio. During the many years we have been working with the Yoga Mais method, we have seen what a powerful and effective tool it is for reducing pain, and for maintaining or recovering lost mobility.

Respecting the goals and needs of each of our students, we have developed sequences of poses that allow the body to gradually recover mobility. And because we dismantle the classic Yoga poses and reorganize them as simpler ones, they become accessible to everyone, making the benefits of the Yoga practice available to all.