How does the practice make you feel more serene and focused

Yoga practice is not a physical activity. All Yoga practices, including those that use the movement of the body, arose to make the mind calmer and more silent, and to help us reduce the endless - and very tiring - flow of thoughts in our mind. 

The nervous system is largely responsible for the way we act and react to the stimuli and problems in our lives; and the way we perceive and react to them are largely responsible for the tension and asymmetries in our bodies which will, eventually, lead to pain and limitations.  

The Yoga Mais method combines simple poses and time in these poses in carefully designed sequences. Besides providing pain relief and improved mobility, these sequences make the student, little by little, more present in each pose as they perceive how their body and mind react to each pose.

The practice is carefully led by the teacher who is focused only on the students during the class. Because of the teacher’s conscious presence, students can focus on what is happening in their bodies. The sensation each pose causes keeps students’ minds present and they can surrender. Questions lessen, the mind quietens, and in this moment, the most precious changes happen. It is from here that the sensations of tranquility and lightness arise.